Local weather warnings

Check out the local weather, flood warnings and rainfall levels

It’s always important to keep an eye on what the weather is doing in your local area so you can be best prepared for the days ahead. This becomes even more important if there is severe weather approaching that could lead to flooding in your community or across the county.

To keep you aware of the situation in Northamptonshire, the widgets to the right show any severe weather warnings released by the Met Office for the next 5 days as well as any flood warnings from the Environment Agency.
If a warning is showing, click on it to find out more! And for further information about Flood Warnings, why not read our Flood Warning Guide.

We have also put 15 rain gauges in different communities across the county to help provide information about local rainfall levels. The rain gauges also provide an early warning system to surface water flooding. Why not explore the rainfall in these communities using the drop down menu below?

Weather warnings

Local Rainfall

Choose a location below then click "Display Rainfall Charts" to show details of recent rainfall.