Planning and development

Want to know more about how flooding and flood risk is involved in planning and development? Find out more below..


Are you a planning officer and want to know what flood and water management legislation you need to consider? The link below sets out the steps you need to follow to ensure flood and water management is considered in the planning process.

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Are you a developer wanting to know what you need to consider when it comes to flood risk management in new or existing developments? The link below contains all the information you need to know to ensure you meet local and national guidelines.

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Land owners and consenting

Are you a land or homeowner thinking of carrying out work on a river near to or within your property? You may need consent to do so if the risk of flooding increases. Find out who to contact for consent on rivers and other useful information.

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Surface Water Drainage

Are you interested in finding out more about surface water drainage? The link below details how surface water drainage should be incorporated into major planning applications and sets out the local design standards.

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