Ox-Cam Property Flood Resilience Pathfinder Case Studies

In this first video we introduce leading flood resilience expert Mary Dhonau OBE who visits Martin to discuss his personal experience of living with flooding at his riverside property and look at what resilience measures he has successfully installed, including pumps, air bricks and barriers.
In this video, leading flood resilience expert Mary Dhonau OBE visits Sue, who lives in Datchet, Berkshire, to talk about her experiences with significant flooding – only two days after exchanging contracts on a lower ground floor flat. Sue explains what advice she received and the steps she has taken to reduce the impact of future floods.
Joanne from the Dragonfly Boutique in Hebden Bridge explains the adaptations and preparations they have made to prevent flooding, before the boutique opened – with prevention being seen as better than a cure.
In this video, Mary Dhonau visits Karen in Appleby who has been flooded three times. In 2015, Karen was forced out of her home for eight months when 1.5m of water filled her home, which led to an insurance bill of £48k. Mary talks to Karen to find out how installing PFR enabled her to return home within only 24-hours of being flooded in 2020, with minimum disruption.
The Ox-Cam PFR Pathfinder’s ‘Floodmobile’ tour highlighted that many people who live in an area considered ‘at risk’ of flooding hadn’t heard of Flood Re. The Government-backed flood insurance scheme is designed to support those living at risk of flooding access appropriate insurances for their homes, and several people we talked to during the tour didn’t know that they could obtain flood insurances. Mary Dhonau went to see Dermot Kehoe, Flood Re’s Communications and Transition Director, to find out a bit more about Flood Re and how it works.
Headquarters Hairdressing Salon in Mytholmroyd suffered significant damage in the Boxing Day floods of 2015, which closed the salon for at least nine months. Now, with resilience measures in place, following a 3-foot deluge in February 2020, the salon was only out of action for four days.
Eileen at Elements jewellery store talks about her experiences with flooding – the worst of which saw flood waters reach over 6 foot, closing the store for 111 days. Knowing flooding will occur again in the town, many resilient measures have been installed to ensure recovery can happen in days, rather than weeks or months.
Mary Dhonau OBE talks to Alison from the Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge. The gallery was hit by significant flooding in 2015, which saw at least five feet of dirty flood waters enter the building. Having installed PFR measures, recovery is swift, providing peace of mind to Alison and her team.
When Lorraine moved to Alconbury in Cambridgeshire, she was unaware that her home had been flooded in the past. In this film, Lorraine tells Mary Dhonau about her experience of being flooded and how she is ‘building back better’. With the introduction of PFR measures at her home, Lorraine is aiming to lessen the impact future flood events will have at her property.