How to become a flood warden

Flood Wardens can help a community to be prepared for flooding and can bring the community together during difficult times.

Community Flood Wardens are members of the local community – they can be individuals, representatives of the Parish Councils or existing volunteers for example Highway Wardens. Northamptonshire County Council, in partnership with the Environment Agency, can support Flood Wardens in their role and provide the necessary training.

Depending on the size of the community, it may be appropriate to have a single flood warden to cover a street or connecting streets or even the whole community.

Flood Wardens can help local communities to understand their flood risk and that they all have a responsibility to look after themselves, their family and property and to prepare before, during and after a flood.

Flood Wardens are the eyes and ears of the community and often called ‘flood watchers’. Whether they are out walking their dog or just walking to the shop they can keep an eye out for blocked drains and culverts, tree branches in rivers, and anything else that may cause a flood risk and report them to the appropriate land or property owners.

Although there are a number of existing Flood Wardens already operating in Northamptonshire, we do need to recruit and train more to ensure that we have effective cover. For more information on what is involved in becoming a Flood Warden please read this Flood Warden Handbook.

If you or a member of your community is interested in volunteering to become a Flood Warden in Northamptonshire, please contact the Northamptonshire County Council Emergency Planning Team at who can provide support and training.