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Want to make your community flood resilient or take a lead role in responding to flooding in your community? Read more below..

Become a flood resilient community

Has your community experienced flooding or are you worried it might? Becoming a flood resilient community will ensure you are ready for when a flood hits and help to reduce the damage flooding can cause. With information on projects your community can run, how to get funding for these and what support may be available, why not follow the link below to get started!

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Run a partnership scheme

Is your organisation interested in partnering with other like minded individuals to run a flood resilience project? Read more about the successful partnership schemes Northamptonshire County Council have run and what lessons have been learnt, to help kick-start your own projects!

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Fund a flood alleviation scheme

Are you eager to find funding for equipment and drainage experts to help reduce the risk of flooding to your home, community or business? We've done the hard work in locating those key local, regional and national sources of funding, so why not give our Funding Tool a go and see how to fund your flood ideas!

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Flood Library

Why not delve into our Flood Library containing 27 downloadable guides and other useful documents on everything you could need to know about flooding? Whether it's guidance on ditch clearance, insurance and flood risk, buying a house, fisheries and flooding or business continutiy advice; we have the guide for you. Follow the link below to get exploring!

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