Risk of Flooding from Surface Water

Use this map to see if you are in an area at risk from surface water flooding.


A sewer is a pipe which carries and removes either rainwater (surface water runoff), foul water (from toilets, sinks etc) or a combination of both. A sewer can be categorised as either a private or public sewer. A private sewer is solely the responsibility of the occupiers/owners of the properties that it serves. A public […]

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Strategic Flood Risk Assessments (SFRAs) are studies carried out by one or more local planning authorities to assess the risk to an area from flooding from all sources, now and in the future. An SFRA takes into account the impacts of climate change and assesses the impact that land use changes and development in the area will have on […]

Surface Water Management Plans

A long-term action plan to manage surface water in an area and should influence future capital investment, drainage maintenance, public engagement and understanding, land-use planning, emergency planning and future developments.

Sustainable Drainage Systems

Methods of management practices and control structures that are designed to drain surface water in a more sustainable manner than conventional techniques. These include permeable surfaces, swales, wetlands and ponds.

Upper Nene Catchment

Use this map to see the extent of the Upper Nene catchment, within which all drainage design must meet the standard of 1 in 200 (0.5%) return period.


EU law provides that ‘states, regional and local government authorities and other bodies governed by public law’ do not have to charge VAT in respect of ‘the activities or transactions in which they engage as public authorities, even where they collect dues, fees, contributions or payments in connection with those activities or transactions.

Water and Sewerage Companies

Use this map to see which of the water and sewerage companies provides sewerage services to your area and who to call in case of problems with a public sewer.

Water Framework Directive

The Water Framework Directive was introduced in December 2000 and became UK law in December 2003. The directive focuses on improving the ecology of our water ecosystems and aims to protect and enhance the quality of surface water, groundwater, estuaries and coastal waters. The Environment Agency are the lead authority responsible for the delivery of these targets, but must work […]


A watercourse is any channel through which water flows. The channel can be natural or man-made. It can be above or below ground and does not have to contain water all year round.