Flood Defence

Infrastructure used to protect an area against floods such as floodwalls and embankments; they are designed to a specific standard of protection.

Flood Map for Planning

Use this map for land-use planning and development purposes, to see what Flood Zone (under National Planning Policy Guidance definitions) a proposed development is in.

Flood Resilience

Actions taken which allow the entry of flood water through a property, but enable swift recovery after the flood event. Flood resilience measures may include (among others) flood-resistant construction materials, raised electricity sockets and water-resistant flooring.

Flood Resistance

Actions taken to prevent the entry of flood water to a property. Flood resistance measures may include flood barriers placed over doorways.

Flood Risk Management Authority

Includes the Environment Agency, a lead local flood authority, a district council for an area for which there is no unitary authority, an internal drainage board, a water company and a highway authority.

Flood Wardens

Use this map to see which communities in Northamptonshire have a Flood Warden. For more information and to sign up to be a Flood Warden please contact jmaddams@northamptonshire.gov.uk

Flood Zones

Nationally consistent boundary of ‘high’ and ‘medium’ flood risk, published on a quarterly basis by the Environment Agency. These can be viewed on our Flood Risk Map under the Flood Map for Planning.


The processes associated with rivers and streams and the deposits and landforms created by them.

Formal Flood Investigations

Use this map to see if the County Council has carried out and published a formal flood investigation in your area.

Internal Drainage Board

An Internal Drainage Board (IDB) is a local public authority established in areas of special drainage need in England and Wales. They have permissive powers to manage water levels within their respective drainage districts. IDBs undertake works to reduce flood risk to people and property and manage water levels to meet local needs.