Report a flood

If it’s a flooding emergency you should focus on the safety of yourself and your family. Dial 999 or 112 if it is an emergency and you or someone else is in danger. If there is flooding to your property, make sure you stay safe and see our Help I’m Flooding page for more information on what to do.

If the flooding is from a highway such as blocked drains or a ditch, a main river or a burst water main or sewer then see our It’s an Emergency page to find the correct company to contact and report this.

For all other types of flooding (groundwater, surface water and flooding from small watercourses) use the form below. Please note that this service is not to be used in an emergency situation. We will endeavour to respond to your submission within 20 working days.

Flood Investigations – When are they carried out?
If a reported incident meets the threshold for a formal Section 19 flood investigation, this information may be published publicly online. A formal flood investigation will generally be carried out if one or more of the following occurs:

  • Flooding has affected critical infrastructure for a period in excess of three hours from the onset of flooding;
  • Internal flooding of a building has been experienced on more than one occasion in the last five years; and/or
  • Internal flooding of five buildings in close proximity has been experienced during one single flood incident.

Note: The LLFA will not investigate incidents of structural dampness or where basements are affected by groundwater entering through cracks in the basement walls or floors.
Note: In the event that the cause of, and the responsibility for addressing the flooding is well understood, no formal investigation will be undertaken.
Note: The LLFA will only undertake a flood investigation if the incident is formally reported within nine months of the flood event occurring.