Preparing for a flood

Eight steps to being prepared

Flooding can happen at any time and sometimes with little warning. Therefore preparation is key to making sure you, your family and your friends are safe, as well as reducing the damage to your home and treasured belongings.

Even before bad weather is forecast, on a quiet evening when you have some spare time there is one important task you can carry out…

Pack an emergency Grab bag – find an easy to carry and sturdy bag and pack it with warm clothes, a torch (with spare batteries), a radio (wind-up or battery powered), food, water, mobile phone (with useful numbers included) and charger, any medication you require, any important documents you have and a first aid kit. Make sure the bag is easy to find so you can quickly take it with you when needed in an emergency.

If a flood warning has been issued, follow the eight steps below to be as well prepared as you can be. Tick off each step to reveal the next.